Blue Habits logo & mascot

Originally the logo was just “Blue Habits” in typography. Instead, Nicety suggested creating a mascot for the campaign. By creating a mascot, this image can now be printed onto stickers, reusable bags, and a number of other giveaway items. It also became one of the focal points in the animations.

The mascot went through several drafts. The idea was to have the whale be friendly and likeable so that audiences would identify and grow to love this icon. The typography chosen was large and clean to ensure the use of the Blue Habits hash tag.

The Website

The website was created out of necessity to host the videos but also to provide additional information about the Blue Habits project. In order for the animations to have more shelf life, they needed a place to live. The website had to follow the look and feel of the current Oceanic Society pages, however they were all developed by Nicety Agency and with marketing consultation, the layout and content were also created by our team.

The Animation

Nicety Agency created the story line for each animation, along with the look and feel. Each animation has a call to action. The first animation is a look at the overall Blue Habits project and asks for audiences to share the video. The second animation prompts them to take action and begin the use of reusable items. The third animation focused on beach clean ups. All animations were modeled after their call to actions.